Social media quotes are not empty words. They have power in them. Even though quotes contain words that people may normally use on a daily basis, they are beautifully and strategically constructed to express a certain meaning. In a Fast Company article, humans are described as aspirational. Apparently, we have the tendency to look up to icons and the things that they say have a primal effect on us.

15 Awesome Social Media Quotes

Are you losing hope because your social media marketing efforts are not going the way you planned? Or, are you looking for a bit of inspiration to help drive your Influencer Marketing efforts?  In marketing, there will always be highs and lows. To help brighten your spirit, we gathered the best quotes that can teach you a lesson or two about social media marketing. 

From award-winning authors to self-made CEOs, we have the men and women with the right words for you. Read what they have to say about social media marketing!

Social Media Quote #1:

“You can never go wrong by investing in communities and the human beings within them.” – Pam Moore

More than just money, the products, and the market, social media is filled with people. To gain success in reaching out to communities, you must learn to invest in the consumers. Care for them. Make them feel that through your products and services, they will receive something that is worth their hard-earned money.

Social Media Quote #2:

“Social Media is about the people! Not about your business. Provide for the people and the people will provide for you.” – Matt Goulart

Piggybacking off of the previous quote, marketers should remember the relationship part of social media. Social media marketing is about building partnerships, brand ambassadors, supporters, and fans. Brands and marketing agencies should know what it is that keeps their consumers connected with them.

Social Media Quote #3:

“Social media is not a media. The key is to listen, engage, and build relationships.” – David Alston

Many misconstrue social media as a mere tool. Anent to what the majority thinks, social media is an organic entity. It will grow according to how you treat it. If you want your market to be dynamic, be sure to interact, listen, and engage.

Social Media Quote #4:

“Social media creates communities, not markets.” – Don Schultz

A major reason why social media should not be run entirely like an enterprise is that it will lose its sense of candidness. A New York Times article stresses that while social media is often used for business purposes, its main goal is still to create communities.

Social Media Quote #5:

“Social Media puts the ‘public’ into PR and the ‘market’ into marketing.” – Chris Brogan

For marketers, these two pointers are critical. These messages summarize how social media marketing is strongly community-based. By building relations and knowing the needs of the people behind the communities, you can strengthen engagement and increase sales.

Social Media Quote #6:

“Social media is about sociology and psychology more than technology.” – Brian Solis

Solis explained that understanding social media is about understanding people. After all, it is quite observable that the hottest social media campaigns are not always the most innovative when it comes to technology. What typically succeeds are stories that pluck heart strings.

Social Media Quote #7:

“Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage.” – Amy Jo Martin

Martin made a firm and beautiful point. In social media, there are no limits. Everyone has the potential to become anybody. For this reason, marketers should treat every person as a potential. More than just selling, it is best if marketing strategies are designed with bigger things in mind.

Social Media Quote #8:

“The goal of social media is to turn customers into your personal evangelist.” – Shane Barker

If you have not noticed it already, the people of the internet don’t like it when you push something in their faces. Social media marketing is not just plain old marketing. Social media account holders must feel involved and important. With this, they will most likely support what you are offering.

Social Media Quote #9:

“Social media is just a buzzword until you come up with a plan.” – Felicia Lin

Are you experiencing a marketing block? That is normal. As Lin said, social media marketing can be such a fluid process. Therefore, take a few inspirations here and there and a “Eureka!” moment might pop out of nowhere.

Social Media Quote #10:

“Content doesn’t win. Optimized content wins.” – Liana Evans

Evans reminds us not to take social media marketing seriously. Although a few tweets and Instagram stories can make things happen, you must deliver quality. If possible, try to top your best social media strategies on your next campaigns.

Social Media Quote #11:

“Content is fire. Social media is gasoline.” – Jay Baer

This quote has two sides. Just like fire, social media is great if you want to grab everyone’s attention. However, it has been told over and over that playing with fire is dangerous. Be careful with what kind of content you make in social media. Moreover, you do not want to start a destructive marketing fire, right?

Social Media Quote #12:

“I use social media as an idea generator, trend mapper and strategic compass for all of our online business ventures.” – Paul Barron

Do not forget that as a marketer, social media is your best friend. Therefore, it’s important to develop the right skills to know how to manipulate information to your advantage. 

Social Media Quote #13:

“You are what you tweet.” – Alex Tew

This quote is short, sweet, and powerful. Even outside the context of Twitter, universally, you are what you post. Since social media marketing is heavily image-based, always be careful with what you put out on the internet. Be responsible and always think twice about posting something controversial.

Social Media Quote #14:

“Engage, enlighten, encourage and especially…just be yourself! Social media is a community effort, everyone is an asset.” – Susan Cooper

Despite the competition, social media marketing remains to be a group effort. Know yourself and your brand. After that, connect with the people and entities that share the same interests, beliefs, and principles as you do. Once you develop a strong dynamic with them, your social media strategy will be unstoppable.

Social Media Quote #15:

“Content marketing is a commitment, not a campaign.” – Jon Buscall 

Above all, social media marketing is about staying true to your core. If you know you can trust the quality of your product and services, then do not give up. Success in social media marketing does not happen overnight. Aside from money, you need to invest your heart in it as well.

Wrap It All Up

Social media marketing is a one-of-a-kind challenge. Unlike traditional marketing, social media marketing deeply involves the people behind the market. More than flashy infographics and catchy taglines, this kind of marketing banks on how well marketers connect with their consumers. Therefore, the stronger and more genuine the connection is, the better the marketing flow becomes.

What’s your favorite Influencer Marketing quote?


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