Since early 2000, unboxing videos surged in popularity due to the increasing use and development of social media platforms. Many brands invest in unboxing campaigns as part of their marketing strategies nowadays. In fact, a number of brands partner with influencers to come up with successful unboxing influencer marketing campaigns that generate great ROI.
In order to achieve an exceptional unboxing video, brands may consider following the tips provided in the first part of our 2-part post series. This second post of the unboxing series will show eight examples of brands with outstanding unboxing campaigns in 2019.

8 Top-Notch 2019 Unboxing Videos 

Here are eight brands that stood out with their unboxing campaigns in 2019:

Remarkable Packaging

 1. Nike

Early in 2019, Nike launched Adapt BB, the shoe brand’s self-lacing shoes. Adapt BB featured a breakthrough lacing system that electronically adjusts to someone’s feet size and ties shoes using an app. Nike also showcased the brand’s features through its technology inspired packaging. Thus, the brand added excitement and anticipation of receiving and unboxing the product through the product’s well-crafted packaging. 

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Jacques Slade created an unboxing video for Nike. The YouTuber mentioned how Nike Adapt BB’s box is different from other Nike shoe boxes. The self-lacing box showed the product features through its packaging. For instance, the box highlights two blue circles that represent the shoe electronic buttons. Additionally, the box promotes the reactive lacing system that was used by the brand.

Unlike some Nike boxes that are only available for limited promo periods, the Nike Adapt BB box promoted in the unboxing video was the same packaging that is being sold in retail. Hence, the unboxing campaign showcased how Nike added value to the brand’s product through the packaging design. In addition, the changes made in the packaging contributed fully to creating a memorable unboxing experience.

2.  Samsung

The technology company, Samsung, also tried to create an outstanding first impression through the brand’s packaging design. In the unboxing video for Samsung Galaxy Fold made by Marques Brownlee, the luxurious aspect of Samsung’s first foldable phone was shown even from its packaging. 

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At the beginning of 2019, the brand announced its plan of replacing plastic packaging with eco-friendly materials. Samsung Galaxy aimed to create a high-class experience through Samsung Galaxy Fold. Hence, the premium experience promised by the brand was extended in the packaging design. 

Samsung Galaxy Fold was the first Samsung product that used environmentally-friendly materials for all its packaging parts. Additionally, the product came with a box that featured a multi-layer design providing a full-screen experience even from the moment of unboxing the package. 

Utilizing Unboxing Videos for Product Awareness

 3. Apple

One of the most effective ways to increase product awareness is through unboxing campaigns. Thus, brands should maximize the use of the unboxing process to showcase brand features and to show audiences how to use their products. 

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For example, with the release of Apple AirPods Pro in 2019, Justine Ezarik of the iJustine YouTube Channel came up with an unboxing video for Apple that displayed the step-by-step process of using the product and making it work. The Apple AirPods Pro’s features were also highlighted in the unboxing video such as noise cancellation. 

To create an unboxing video that provides an understanding of the product, a screen display on the left side of the video showed the YouTuber’s phone screen. The added display allowed viewers to see how to test the product features and how to connect Apple Airpods with the user’s phone. 

Overall, the unboxing video for Apple AirPoDS Pro was an effective influencer marketing campaign that drove product awareness and might’ve led to product purchases. 

Right Influencer to create an Unboxing Video

4. Kinder Beauty

For a vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand, Kinder Beauty succeeded in taking a stand by partnering with the right influencers who supported the brand’s philosophies. Kinder Beauty collaborated with influencers to unbox the brand’s subscription boxes. Additionally, through the unboxing videos created for the brand, influencers shared the brand’s advocacies and how it supported animal rights and other environmental causes. 

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For instance, in the unboxing video uploaded in Andréa Matillano’s channel, the YouTuber shared how she had been supporting the causes that the brand stands for. Matillano’s genuine support on the brand’s advocacy was reflected in how she unboxed and reviewed the brand and its products. 

The influencer shared helpful and interesting information about the brand that created higher engagement with her audiences. By partnering with the right influencer, Kinder Beauty successfully reached the brand’s target audience and delivered the brand’s story through an unboxing video.

Unboxing Videos for Seasonal Offers

 5. McDonald’s

In November 2019, McDonald’s celebrate the 40th year of Happy Meal toys in 90 countries. The brand brought back a number of Mcdonald’s Happy Meal toys sold in the past decades. However, the vintage toys were only available for purchase for a certain period of time.

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In order to advertise the brand’s limited offer, McDonald’s partnered with influencers globally to create social media content for the brand. In the United States, McDonald’s collaborated with the Daily Hive YouTube Channel to produce a one-minute unboxing video that revealed all of the toys available for collection. The brand also partnered with influencers from different countries where the promotion was available. 

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For instance, in the Philippines, McDonald’s sent a big Happy Meal box with all the limited offer toys to collect to one of their partner bloggers, Nish of Dyosa the Momma and her daughter Amaria. Nish uploaded an unboxing video in her Facebook account. The video showed Amaria unboxing the big box by removing all of the toys from their individual packaging, displaying how the toys work, and playing with them. 

McDonald’s did great in their unboxing campaign by choosing the right influencers to promote the brand’s limited offer. Additionally, the brand showed creativity in the box’s packaging. The brand came up with a big box that resembled the Happy Meal boxes which added to the excitement in the unboxing video. Lastly, McDonald’s added a personal touch on boxes sent to influencers by including a message addressing collaborators by their names. 

 6. Walmart

For the November 2019 Black Friday sale, Walmart partnered with YouTuber Justine Ezarik to promote the brand’s limited offerings. Justine created an unboxing video of some of the items available for purchase during the Black Friday sale. 

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Additionally, the video showed the products’ features and how they are used. IJustine recorded and uploaded the video days prior to the promo date to create awareness of the limited offers and invite consumers to participate in the seasonal promotion.


7. FabFitFun

FabFitFun offers personalized subscription boxes. To raise awareness of the brand and its seasonal subscription offerings, FabFitFun collaborated with YouTubers for unboxing videos. For example, Sheri Griffiths of CruiseGear Channel uploaded a video unboxing the brand’s winter box. Sheri talked about how FabFitFun offers customized products depending on one’s subscription catered to consumer’s specific needs and wants. 

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The unboxing video also showed how FabFitFun provides add-ons to their boxes by including freebies and gift certificates from different brands they carry. Hence, the brand’s customized offers and personal touch on their boxes brought a more joyful unboxing experience. 

Creative Unboxing Videos

 8. Mattel

To create an engaging and exciting unboxing experience, Mattel collaborated with Ryan’s World YouTube channel for the brand’s Jurassic World toy collection. Instead of doing a usual unboxing video, Ryan and his mom came up with an entertaining unboxing campaign by playing a game. A big box with separate compartments hid all dinosaur toys.

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Ryan and his mom took turns opening the compartments and unboxing the toys. The players received a point depending on what kind of dinosaur was revealed. The unboxing video successfully displayed each toy in the collection, especially the new Indominus Rex. Additionally, the video displayed the toy features and how they worked using an app that shared more about the dinosaurs all in a creative and appealing way. 

Wrap It All Up

Through the right social media influencer partnerships, brands can utilize the popularity of unboxing videos. By referencing the ideas provided above, your brand can produce an exceptional unboxing video like the eight brands mentioned in this post. 

“Which other brands have the best unboxing videos in 2019?”


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