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Why Your Brand Should Invest in Branded Podcasts

With the rampant growth of digital advertising in the past years, the market has become even more competitive. Traditional marketing techniques are effective. However, using digital marketing platforms will expand your brand presence to reach more potential consumers. Among the most powerful digital advertising tools companies use today is a podcast. With 48 million Americans…

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10 Brands Getting It Right With Sponsored Podcasts

Over the years, sponsored podcasts grew in popularity due to the growing podcast revenue and the increasing number of influencers with podcasts. Hence, brand and influencer podcast sponsorships may result in a highly engaged audience and an increase in sales. The first post of this two-part series discussed how and why brands should invest in branded…

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Top 10 2020 Influencer Marketing Trends

With no signs of slowing down, influencer marketing will continue to grow this year. Thus, we bring you the biggest 2020 influencer marketing trends brands need to know for a successful influencer marketing campaign.  As social media marketing grows, new influencer marketing trends continue to emerge. Therefore, brands will need to create and adopt strategies…

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