WHERE: Palm Springs, California | WHEN: March 24th to 29th, 2019 | WHO: 2,000+ Attendees

Alt Summit is the premier conference for top influencers and entrepreneurs in creative fields, and the forward-thinking brands that want to connect with them. Attendees are design-minded with a deep understanding of what’s cool right now.

You’ve probably heard the story of Twitter breaking through and making it big at SXSW. What you might not know is that Pinterest made the scene because of a conference as well—Alt Summit. Before Pinterest had a multi-billion dollar valuation, Ben Silbermann, the founder, attended our conference in the hopes of meeting beta testers for his new little website. And he found them.

Makers, media, designers, and entrepreneurs who create online content for lifestyle, fashion, food, DIY, photography, travel, wellness, and design sites come together in one cooperative environment where knowledge is candid, plentiful, and easily accessible.

Alt Oasis
It’s a landmark year for Alt Summit. Our 2019 flagship conference will mark 10 years and 15 sold-out events. To celebrate, we’re going BIG.

We’re doubling the time frame with SIX days of content.

We’re tripling the size with 2000+ attendees.

We’re quadrupling the locations with classes and sponsor spaces at four beloved Palm Springs hotspots — the Parker, the Ace Hotel, the Saguaro, and the Riviera. Each location is chic, modern and memorable.

It’s going to be our biggest and best conference yet.

We’re calling it Alt Oasis — a week long retreat to inspire your whole year.

Alt Summit 2018 Video Recap

It’s a landmark year for Alt Summit. Our 2019 flagship conference will mark 10 years and 15 sold-out events. To celebrate, we’re going BIG.


Alt Summit was founded in 2009. Since then, there have been 14 major events — seven flagship conferences in Salt Lake City, two flagship conferences in Palm Springs, two summer conferences in New York, one summer conference in San Francisco, and two more summer events in Salt Lake City. And there have been numerous online conferences as well.

Alt’s original name was Altitude Design Summit, but it didn’t take long for the nicknames Alt Summit and Alt to take over. The conference started as a gathering for design bloggers, and as the new media landscape has changed, our content and attendees have changed too. We now draw creative, design-appreciative entrepreneurs across all sorts of platforms — pinners, instagrammers, vloggers, shop owners, content creators, designers, and yes, still bloggers.


2019 Alt Summit’s 2,000+ attendees include creative entrepreneurs, designers, and content creators who wield great online influence in a variety of niches across the most popular social media platforms. The bloggers, pinners, Instagrammers, vloggers, shop owners, entrepreneurs, and journalists who contribute to Alt Summit are experts in the design, DIY, fashion, food, lifestyle, photography, wellness, and travel spaces.