9 Brands Getting Great ROI From Cause Marketing Campaigns

Cause Marketing Campaigns

For the past decade, influencer-related cause marketing campaigns have been instrumental in building customer loyalty and driving sales. In fact, awards now honor brands for their social good campaign accomplishments. Gregory Galant, co-founder of Shorty Awards, said during the third annual awards night that “… Social Good is more relevant than ever, and consumers continue…

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Why Your Brand Should Invest in Social Good Campaigns

Social Good Campaigns

Do you remember the first time you saw an ad that moved you? They may relate to you personally, therefore strengthening your beliefs  and challenging you to act. We have seen feminine hygiene brands promoting gender equality and car brands promoting an eco-friendly environment. Social good campaigns mean big business for brands while making a…

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Why Your Brand Should Invest in Gaming Influencer Marketing in 2019

Gaming Influencer Marketing

In today’s generation, finding someone who has never tried installing or playing a game on their mobile or computer devices at least once in their lives is rare. Whether they be action, puzzle, educational, or simulation games, the gaming industry has never been more on trend for consumers young and old. For this reason, upping…

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10 Influencer Marketing Halloween Campaign Ideas That Will Wow You

With Halloween approaching, brands are identifying influencer marketing Halloween campaign ideas that will promote their products and services in fun, fresh, and relevant ways for their target market. The key is pinning down the best activations, making certain they meet your goals, objectives, and projected ROI. Recent studies by the Halloween Industry Association showed that most…

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4 Key Marketing Metrics You Need To Be Tracking

How do you determine whether or not a campaign was successful? Are you part of the “good vibes” club? If so, it’s time to take a good hard look at, you guessed it, marketing metrics. Yes, times they are a-changin’ thanks to APIs, metrics tracking platforms, and engagement (to name a few). But, now it…

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Top 10 2019 Influencer Marketing Trends

The air is crisping up, the store shelves are starting to fill with holiday decor, and I’m sure radio stations can’t wait to start playing Christmas music. That can only mean one thing: 2019 is on the horizon. Is your influencer marketing strategy ready for it? Do you know what’s in store for 2019 influencer…

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The Top 5 Social Media Metrics Tracking Tools

So, you’re running a campaign and have all sorts of blog posts and social media activity going live throughout the campaign. How do you know the performance of the tweets? What about the engagement? Do you know if the Pinterest pins are performing their own #Pinterestfail (aka no engagement)? How’s Instagram treating your campaign? It…

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How to Take Time Off and Return to Work Re-energized

Even though popular articles suggest maximizing efficiency can be as easy as taking shorter showers, I believe that the number one way to increase productivity is as simple as taking personal time off (PTO). Sound counterintuitive? Check this out. In addition to sharing time-management tips, expert Stephen Covey includes “Sharpen the Saw” as one of his…

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