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How Brands Are Embracing Diversity in Influencer Marketing

The continuous growth of influencer and brand partnerships creates an increasing need for diversity in influencer marketing. Many brands, recently and in the past, were called out due to a lack of inclusivity in their choice of influencer brand endorsers. Hence, the call for diversity in influencer marketing became loud as ever. While a number…

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How Do You Track Metrics on Each Platform?

You guys, algorithms and APIs are so cool, right? Well, they can be, but not when you add metrics tracking into the mix. Thanks to algorithms, APIs, and platforms, tracking metrics can be a tricky task. One minute you can gather a certain type of information and the next minute an update has been made…

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Knowing Which Metrics to Track on Each Social Media Platform

So, you have all of the influencers posting to their blogs and social media accounts. Awesome! You should start to see mentions and engagement increase across the board. With all of these fun activities happening all at once, do you know which metrics should be tracked on each platform? With influencers posting to blogs, Facebook,…

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4 Key Marketing Metrics You Need To Be Tracking

How do you determine whether or not a campaign was successful? Are you part of the “good vibes” club? If so, it’s time to take a good hard look at, you guessed it, marketing metrics. Yes, times they are a-changin’ thanks to APIs, metrics tracking platforms, and engagement (to name a few). But, now it…

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Top 10 2019 Influencer Marketing Trends

We’re midway through the year but it doesn’t mean you can’t start fresh, and plans can still be set in motion. Below we’ve compiled the hottest influencer marketing trends for 2019. Does your influencer marketing strategy have these trends in tow? Let’s take a look at the 2019 influencer marketing trends that we’re predicting are…

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