Key Takeaways From This Comprehensive Guide

This influencer management document—your FREE and comprehensive guide—helps you:

  • Figure out campaign objectives.
  • Determine the tactics that will help you achieve the objectives.
  • Identify measurable results.
  • Keep track of the desired results.
  • Select tools to help you track the results.
  • Show campaign ROI in a campaign metrics report.


Objectives detail a campaign’s primary purpose. Knowing from the outset what you want to achieve, at least at a high level, helps make every other campaign decision fast and easy.

A campaign’s objectives and desired results should always drive the activations and not the other way around. Additionally, the activations you choose should guarantee success and resonate with your target audience. Just like it’s tempting to talk tactics before objectives, it also is tempting to choose trendy tactics instead of focusing on what will really drive results. Resist the temptation to follow the trends for trends’ sake and bank on tried and true activations that will hit it big for your brand.

Ensuring results on Influencer Marketing campaigns every single time is possible.It’s simple math! Objectives + desired results + activations + metrics (plan and tools) + a scope of work (including influencer finding and management) = guaranteed ROI. The guide will help walk you through all of it.




This Guide includes everything you need to know about how to choose a campaign objective and align it with activations to get measurable results and prove ROI.



There are 27 Influencer Marketing campaign objectives and activations that are broken down to help you find the right objective for your campaign goals.



Each of the 27 objectives are paired with four columns to guide you through exactly what you need to consider when selecting the specific objectives and activations.

"There are many different factors that affect how an Influencer Marketing campaign functions, but creating a strategy based on a set objective is without a doubt a fundamental and essential step that every marketer should take." — Influencity



Jyl is the CEO/Founder of FORWARD Influence (formerly Mom It Forward), a digital agency that facilitates partnerships between brands and influencers, provides influencer marketing managed services, manages event sponsorships, and develops training programs. A pioneer in the influencer marketing industry, Jyl consults with brands and agencies, helping them develop and successfully execute influencer marketing strategies and campaigns. For nearly 15 years, FORWARD Influence has hosted hundreds of events, managed thousands of campaigns, and generated billions of impressions for Fortune 10 to startup brands.

Since entering the social media space in 2008, Jyl has organized more than 250 events, including Family Forward (2011-2017), an annual retreat for 400+ digital influencers and their families, and the Evo Conference—a social media educational event for 350+ women in the digital space (2010-12). Additionally, she volunteered on the Mom Advisory Council for (2011-2016), was one of three US representatives on the McDonald's Global Parents Table (2012-14), was recognized as one of the Top 25 Women Who Rock Social Media by Top Rank Marketing (2014), was a United Nations Foundation Shot@Life Champion (2013), was named one of Parent Magazine’s Top 10 Power Moms (2010), was listed as one of Babble’s Top 50 Twitter Moms, has written for sites like Baby Center and the Huffington Post, was on the founding board of the Social Media Club of Salt Lake City (2008/09), and is well known for starting the Twitter Party phenomenon in 2008.

Additionally, Jyl was a Founder and on the Board of Advisors for the Influencer Marketing Association established in 2018 as the first official trade organization committed to defining, growing, and protecting Influencer Marketing practices.

An avid traveler, Jyl has visited all 50 US states and nearly 60 countries. In a previous life, she worked nine years for FranklinCovey in instructional design and project management and did stints in newspaper reporting and retail advertising. Offline, Jyl lives in the beautiful Rocky Mountains with her husband (@TroyPattee), two teen boys, and their beagle named #Hashtag (she crowdsourced the name with her Twitter community).

Influencer Marketing is the smart choice when it comes to driving ROI. Be sure to align your activations correctly.