An unboxing campaign is becoming more popular as the years passed. In fact, more than 90,000 viewers search for YouTube unboxing videos monthly. In addition, about 40 videos on YouTube accumulated more than 10 million views. YouTube unboxing channels also gained millions of subscribers in the past few years. For instance, Ryan’s World, one of the most popular unboxing channels with huge subscribing, has more than 22 million followers. 

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The statistics provided above show that unboxing videos can attract high engagement and following from audiences. The huge engagement and subscriber rates may increase brand and product awareness which may lead to product purchases. Thus, investing in unboxing campaigns can provide a number of benefits for your brand that can all contribute to a higher ROI. 

Before participating in the unboxing game, brands must first learn the elements of a successful unboxing campaign. In this first post of a two-part post series, you will learn about great tips on how your brand can pull of a winning unboxing strategy. The second post highlights the best unboxing campaigns of 2019.

Unboxing an Unboxing Campaign

In order to create a standout unboxing campaign, brands must first understand what unboxing videos are and how they work. 

As the name suggests, unboxing is the act of opening or unpacking a product. This process is often documented through videos or photos. In addition, unboxing videos allow one to show off the box content, use the product, and give a review for the benefit of others. 

Though the term unboxing can be traced centuries back, it did not become a hit until early 2000, when social media started to boom. Presently, the increasing popularity of YouTube and other social media platforms and influencers continues to expand the demand for unboxing campaigns. 

Why Your Brand Should Invest in Unboxing Campaigns?

Just like how opening presents create a thrilling experience for many, unboxing campaigns are appealing to audiences because they provide an exciting adventure. Hence, unboxing videos can benefit your brand in terms of higher engagement and brand awareness. 

Unboxing campaigns gained a lot of popularity throughout the years since consumers find they provide real reviews on products compared to advertisements made by brands. Some unboxers are not even affiliated with the brand they highlight in their videos. Thus, unboxers tend to give an honest opinion about the products their opening for the first time. 

Additionally, most consumers trust influencers’ and peers’ recommendations more than advertisements made by brands. Therefore, brands can utilize influencers to produce unboxing campaigns for a more genuine and relatable influencer marketing content.

Most audiences watch and follow influencer and unboxer content to solicit reviews before purchasing a product. In fact, 49 percent of customers look for recommendations from influencers before buying something and around 40 percent of consumers admitted to purchasing a product based on influencer’s recommendations. Thus, unboxing campaigns and videos created by influencers provide adequate product information that affects customers’ buying decisions which ultimately benefit brands’ sales.

How To Execute an Excellent Unboxing Campaign

Before your brand decides to give unboxing videos a shot, you must first know the elements of a successful unboxing campaign. Here are some tips on how to win the unboxing battle. 

1) Wow with Your Packaging 

If you ever think that a product’s wrapping does not contribute to a memorable unboxing experience, think again. The first impression a brand gets is through product packaging. Packaging design has an effect on consumers’ opinions of a product since the packaging is the first thing customers see when purchasing a product. Thus, the look, feel and even the smell of a product’s cover can leave an impression that may affect consumers’ purchasing choices. 

To come up with unboxing videos that influencers would want to share with their viewers, a product’s packaging should also be top-notch. Brands may add value to their product through packaging customization, the inclusion of free samples, personal notes, and the brand logo on products’ boxes. In addition, brands may also consider putting each packaging element to work including organizational or protective functions.

A product’s packaging look can also contribute to the excitement that unboxing campaigns provide. More presentable and creative packaging can make a brand’s offering stand out even to the eyes of your influencer partners. Unboxers’ excitement in opening your brand will also reflect and add to the exciting moment that consumers will feel in purchasing and opening your product.

2) Utilize the Unboxing Process

One of the purposes of unboxing campaigns is to showcase a brand’s product. Brands can get the most out of unboxing videos by sharing complete information about the products including product functionalities and inclusions.

For instance, unboxers may show how the products work by turning or trying them on. YouTubers may also reveal other objects included in the package. Brand influencers may also encourage audiences to ask questions about the products in the comment section of their videos. The main goal is to make consumers want to buy the products through an unboxing campaign.

3) Partner with the Right Influencer for an Unboxing Campaign

Just like any influencer marketing campaigns, unboxing videos are more likely to succeed when brands partner with the right influencer. A brand may wish to research and look for the most fitting influencer for their products and brand. For instance, companies may watch existing unboxing videos to see how they are created and to get to know influencers who do unboxing videos right.

Brands may look at how influencers talk about the products they unbox in the past. How influencers engage their viewers and how the brand fits influencers’ audiences are vital information in creating a great unboxing campaign.

Viewers love unboxing videos since they mirror the excitement that one feels receiving a present. Hence, influencers must be engaging and show excitement in opening the brand’s products to their audiences. 

To excel in unboxing campaigns, brands should ensure that influencers they partner with will love their products. Brands cannot expect to receive genuine reviews from an influencer who is not connected with a brand or its products. In addition, unboxing videos do not only produce feedback from influencers but most importantly from the collaborators’ followers. Thus, unboxing campaigns can increase brand sales and awareness only if they reach the right audiences. 

4) Create Unboxing Campaigns for Seasonal Offers

Brands can add value and appeal to unboxing campaigns with limited and seasonal offerings. Since time-sensitive promos are only available for a short time, they create a feeling of urgency from consumers. Brands may create awareness of seasonal products by incorporating unboxing videos in the brand’s advertisements. 

Your brand may consider producing an unboxing campaign before limited promotions start. For example, a brand can launch Christmas kits or participate in Black Friday sales and partner with influencers to create an unboxing video published in advance. Thus, buyers have an ample amount of time to purchase products before the promo ends. Additionally, seasonal products can also add excitement in the unboxing experience, leading to higher brand engagement. 

5) Add a Personal Touch

Brands may attract more viewers and consumers through personalization. Statistics show that 79 percent of customers are willing to engage in offers that are catered to their specific needs and interests. Additionally, 80 percent of buyers consider purchasing a product that provides a personalized experience. 

Businesses may want to consider telling their brand’s story that is relatable to target audiences through an unboxing campaign. Consumers are more likely to buy from brands that speak to them and they feel appreciated by. 

Brands can also add a personal touch to their products through monthly subscription boxes, created to address specific consumer needs or giving away samples buyers can use with the products they purchased. Simple but thoughtful add-ons can make an unboxing experience more memorable.

Personalization is also a critical factor in building a strong connection with the brand collaborators. In sending out boxes to influencers for an unboxing campaign, a brand may choose to include a personal thank you note, a customized wrapper, and other freebies. Strengthening relationships with customers and influencers through personalization can attract repeat and loyal consumers and brand partners.

6.) Show Creativity in Unboxing Campaigns

Similar to other influencer marketing campaigns, put your brand on the spotlight through creative unboxing content. Brands may choose to partner with influencers who are known to create outstanding unboxing videos. Furthermore, brands may also come up with an unboxing campaign that highlights the unique features of their products. 

For example, Geneinno showed the features of the brand’s Trident Underwater Scooter by collaborating with an influencer who unboxed the product and showed how it is used in the water. Brands may think out of the box and come up with a unique and extraordinary unboxing campaign.

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Wrap It All Up

With the competitive influencer marketing strategies available nowadays, brands can stay on top by investing in engaging influencer marketing campaigns such as unboxing videos. Brands may consider the recommendations and information provided above to come up with an unboxing campaign that WOWs.

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