It may seem easy to correlate the rising popularity in videos around 2 minutes long on platforms other than YouTube and less than 10 minutes long on YouTube with the general populace’s shrinking attention span. But I think there’s more to it than that. If you’ve ever watched a video where the host talks for at least 15 minutes before getting to the heart of what the video’s about, you’ll know what I mean. So what’s behind the rise in popularity of short-form videos besides TikTok? More importantly, what are the benefits of including short-form videos in your Influencer Marketing strategy?

Why Are Short-Form Videos Becoming More Popular?

First, let’s be clear on what “short-form” means. HubSpot defines it as any video on any platform besides YouTube that is no longer than two minutes and 30 seconds. On YouTube, it’s any video shorter than 10 minutes. The shorter format requires brands and influencers to be more authentic, human, creative, and concise.

What Are the Benefits of Short-Form Video to Brands?

Shorter videos are easier for influencers to create, leading to more of them being posted. Additionally and more importantly, a May 2020 Statista survey found that 79% of respondents said that they liked short-form mobile videos because it “pulled them into characters, personalities, and storylines.”  Kelsi Yamada, an associate marketing manager for HubSpot, says it’s a low-commitment and engaging way to connect with audiences.

You can get a good laugh or learn something new in a minute or less on TikTok or Reels. On the flip side, it’s also relatively easy to create, which means there are more people who can share their humor or points of view. Because of this, brands should figure out what their unique point of view is and how they can stand out in the noise.

Beyond that, Stackla cites these possible benefits for brands:

  • More opportunities for user-generated content (UGC). They say: “Capturing content from your followers and brand fans and featuring it in your own short videos lets your customers and audience have a voice and speak on behalf of your brand.” Think fun compilations!
  • More transparency. Using short-form video to display a day in the life of a CEO or some kind of people-focused event shows your more human side, which consumers love.

Ideas for Incorporating Short-Form Video Into Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

With those benefits in mind, try these ideas on for size:

  • Day in the life
  • Dance with our product (see our fun Dancing with O-Cedar TikTok example)
  • Giveaways: In a recent campaign we did with Jelly Belly, introducing their four new gum flavors, five TikTok influencers showed their creativity by producing 15-second TikTok videos featuring the gum. A giveaway was also hosted to give the followers a chance to win gum for a year. 

Additional Resources

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Wrapping It All Up

Short videos definitely have unique value in the social media landscape because they tend to be more authentic and concise. They also offer brands more ways to work creatively with influencers and show more transparency to their consumers.


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