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Why Brands Should Invest in TikTok Marketing

The increasing success of influencer marketing campaigns brought the development of new social media strategies like TikTok marketing. Targeting centennials, the Beijing-based company became one of the fastest-growing social media sites globally. In fact, in just three years, TikTok gained 500 million active users. Additionally, the social networking brand ranked as the fourth most downloaded…

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6 Ways to Engage Millennials in Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Millennials can contribute significantly to brands’ digital marketing strategies. For instance, engaging millennials in influencer marketing may result in brand awareness and customer purchase which may all lead to an increase in ROI. This post will discuss how millennials can play a vital role in your brand’s social media plans. We will also share some…

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Why You Need Micro Influencers to Increase ROI

Influencer marketing campaigns brought micro-influencers in the spotlight. Finding the right influencers is a key component for a successful influencer marketing strategy that generates ROI. While enlisting famous celebrity influencers is a great option, it may not be the most effective way for social media engagement. Presently, most consumers value the credibility of brand endorsers…

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How to Cultivate Long-Term Relationships With Influencers

Brands’ partnerships with influencers set them apart from their competitors. Just like how influencers build long-term relationships with their followers, brands need to create strong, lasting connections for an effective marketing strategy. Influencers desire brand collaborations, especially long-term relationships that provide brands continual access to influencers’ creative content and loyal audiences. Strong influencer partnerships result…

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Top 10 2019 Influencer Marketing Trends

We’re midway through the year but it doesn’t mean you can’t start fresh, and plans can still be set in motion. Below we’ve compiled the hottest influencer marketing trends for 2019. Does your influencer marketing strategy have these trends in tow? Let’s take a look at the 2019 influencer marketing trends that we’re predicting are…

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The Top 5 Social Media Metrics Tracking Tools

So, you’re running a campaign and have all sorts of blog posts and social media activity going live throughout the campaign. How do you know the performance of the tweets? What about the engagement? Do you know if the Pinterest pins are performing their own #Pinterestfail (aka no engagement)? How’s Instagram treating your campaign? It…

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Community Management 201: How to Build a Successful Community

Community Management 201-How to Build a Successful Community

Community management 101 focuses on building a solid community management foundation. It includes tasks like setting community management goals; determining your strategy; and identifying resources, roles and responsibilities, and a hiring process. Additionally, it spells out tasks like deciding on connection guidelines, creating an editorial calendar, and setting up a metrics system. Most importantly, it…

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