What really catches the eyes of consumers is dynamic or video content that makes them stop scrolling and watch the action. As a brand, getting your consumer to stop scrolling is key to getting your full message communicated. Therefore, even just a little movement in your content can make great strides on your brand image and engagement. 

This post will discuss the benefits of using dynamic posts or video content for your brand’s influencer campaigns. We will also share ideas for how to make dynamic content on social media. 

Why Brands are Demanding Dynamic Content on Social Media 

With algorithms constantly changing and new social media platforms continuing to enter the scene, dynamic posts and video content are in high demand by brands. Why? They are some of the best ways of getting noticed (and potentially going viral). Plus, the short- and long-term benefits outweigh their static post counterparts. 

Dynamic content doesn’t mean a high expense, polished video. It means adding some motion to catch attention and highlight key messages. Here are some reasons why dynamic content is vital for your social media strategy. 

Capture Attention

With thousands of advertisements and posts throughout feeds, fingers get swiping and it’s hard to make them slow down. That’s why dynamic and video content is important. The movement engages visual senses, signaling to the brain that something is different. That, along with sounds triggering the audio senses, is much more likely to stop viewers mid-scroll to both watch the video and hear the key messages. 

Increase Engagement

Not only are viewers more likely to stop when they see dynamic video content on social media, they are also more likely to engage in it. As a result, the content will receive more shares, comments, and likes. By engaging in the content, these actions will  take them another step closer into your community and will move your post higher up the algorithm rankings. These actions deliver even more eyes on your content. Dynamic content will therefore help you reach more people via increased engagement.

Communicate a Strong Message

Social video content shows off your brand authentically, giving you the opportunity to clearly and effectively convey your message. Consumers want to see your product in action. In fact, 72 percent of customers would prefer to learn about your product with dynamic or video content. 

Once you have your viewer’s attention, you have the floor to share compelling message points with emotion. These strong logical and emotional messages are key advantages of dynamic content marketing. When making a decision to buy, 90 percent of viewers said watching a video helps them make the decision. 

Build Credibility

According to 67 percent of consumers, video is the most transparent type of social media post. Consumers who feel that brands are being transparent are more likely to join the brand’s community and become a regular customer. Even just a blip of a before and after video or a quick how to video that dynamically shows the benefits of your product strengthens your credibility.

Video content positions your brand as one that engages with its audience and cares what they have to say. Influencers know that video—in particular, face-to-face interaction—builds stronger relationships with their followers. As a result, social followers feel closer to both the influencer and brands they represent. 

Ensure Long-Term Commitment

When people see and hear things in a video post, they are more likely to remember what was shared. In fact, 95 percent of information received from a video is retained by the viewer. Compare that to 10 percent of information retained when reading and you’ll quickly see the big difference. Therefore, dynamic and video content can encourage immediate and long-term engagement from viewers. 

5 Ways to Make Dynamic Video Content

As we learned above, brands should use movement to grab the viewer’s attention. With that stated, dynamic video content doesn’t necessarily mean a full-fledged, edited, professional video produced by the highest ranked YouTube stars. You will see an increase in engagement and a stronger community by implementing any format of dynamic content into your influencer or social media strategy. Below are some ideas for dynamic social media posts that make your content move. 

Full Videos

Videos come in many formats and are on almost every platform. However, regardless of where they are posted, followers feel much more connected to the brand and the influencer as they see the authenticity of the ambassador’s emotions face to face or as they personally walk them through a how-to example. Videos help viewers feel they are right there with them, creating a personalized experience. 

Remember, video doesn’t need to be scripted or edited. Instagram Stories are a great example of videos that are made without much production. While other platforms may require some tweaking to make it more polished, Instagram Stories can be  an authentic way for influencers to check in with their followers to offer sincere advice, share stories, and highlight brands. For longer videos, edited scripts—or for videos that stick around long-term—IGTV, and in-feed videos are ideal. Either way, closed captions can be added so viewers can watch the video without sound.  

Here are some ideas and examples of full videos featuring sponsored brands:

Advice Columns

@ShawnJohnson created a short IGTV message for moms on Mother’s Day in partnership with Enfamil.

Face to Face Reviews

@mikethesituation reviewed all of the features of the BXT26 Treadmill in a face-to-face conversation with his followers. 

How-to Videos

@TaraThueson showed viewers how to use Google Flights with an IGTV video.

Product Feature & Unboxing Videos

@sam.cushing featured Each & Every deodorant with a creative video and clear message.


You could call it a trend, but it may just be really smart marketing. A boomerang is a burst of photos that plays back and forth for an artistic dynamic post. Instagram just recently added new effects to its boomerang feature for even more diversity of this dynamic video content. Plus, you can also add the videos straight to your feed in addition to your Instagram Stories. Boomerangs usually draw attention to a specific object or person in motion and can quickly be adapted as a way to showcase the features of a product.  

@jocee.holladay made a boomerang clip to zoom in on a key message from Microsoft Teams.

Time Lapses 

Time lapses are a great way to share a lot of content in a short amount of time. It’s true that the video will capture the attention, but you still only have a short amount of time to get your brand featured. Time Lapses speed up your video for an entertaining and memorable message. 

@pneumaticaddict showed viewers how to make a product using DAP products in just one minute. 

Animated Shorts

Animated shorts–which are short clips that can be created to highlight your brand–are unique video posts that animate a still image and encourage viewers to engage. These videos are artistic clips that are relevant on multiple platforms and great for repurposing. 

@thealohababe animated the Oral-B Click to get the product dancing in front of her viewers.

Dynamic Overlays

A little action can go a long way on both video and still images. Add a little animation to grab interest, highlight key messages, and encourage engagement. Some platforms have these features built right into the app. 

For example, Instagram Story’s Super Zoom and Hands Free features allow influencers to create dynamic video content by adding frames, icons, motions, and sounds to your images with just a quick click of the button. TikTok, is another great example of using text pop-ups to further illuminate key messages on their already full-video platform.

These simple animations are made for so much more than grabbing initial interest. Use add-ons that share the same emotions your brand portrays. You can also use arrows, text, and sounds to highlight key messages and features.

@lulumoonowlbooks added a special effect overlay to make her still image stand out from the rest. 

Wrap It All Up

Dynamic video content is a valuable addition to your social media and influencer strategies. It first and foremost captures the attention of your audience and increases their engagement on your post. Other benefits of using dynamic video content include the ability to send a strong message, build credibility, and establish long-term commitment. Try full videos, boomerangs, time lapses, animated shorts, and creative overlays to take advantage of the power of dynamic video content. 

“What are some other ways to add creative dynamic content into your brand’s social media marketing campaigns?”


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