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Live events are the most customized offering we have and can be simple or extremely complex. They may require additional brainstorming to meet the campaign's objectives. If you are simply saying that you want a small group of people to assemble to sample product, we're probably looking at a house party, potentially many in multiple markets. That is where we start, but we can do the gamut, including events at corporate headquarters or at places like resorts, etc. Please contact us to learn more.

No. In fact, the more bloggers or social media influencers you enlist in a campaign, the more of a quantity break we can give you. We start looking at those breaks when we get into the hundred range (100+ bloggers) or when we are talking multiple service packages (a blog tour + a Twitter party + multi-market house parties, for example).

Yes! We offer reporting for all of our serivices.

TWITTER PARTIES: A comprehensive report comes included in our premium Twitter party packages. Included in that report is dashboard information from Simply Measured for the #gno hashtag, showing total tweets, impression, and reach from the party. We also include a word cloud to highlight the key topics the discussion generated. We call out key tweets from party attendees, where they are specifically discussing the brand, product, or service. We share who our co-hostesses were and what their individual and collective reach and influence is. We accompany this report with a full transcript of all of the tweets from the party.

BLOG TOURS: Similar to Twitter parties, we offer a comprehensive report which includes the following: A description of the campaign objectives; an overview of the participants, their reach, and influence; links to their posts and social media promotion and traffic/reach generated from those posts/promotion; snapshots from blog posts and social media promotion; and total impressions generated from the campaign, broken down into blog post impressions, social media impressions (divided out by platform), and more, depending on what was included and required from the campaign. This is delivered in a PPT presentation and ready for you to share with your client or your brand team.

LIVE EVENTS/AMBASSADOR PROGRAMS: These would be similar to blog tour reports and would include details based on what the campaign entailed.

Forward Influence connects brands with consumers and their families through social media. We can do everything from helping you determine your social media strategy to executing on specific components of your social media plan like blog tours, Twitter parties, live events, ambassador programs, and more. Our goal is to help brands achieve their objectives.