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10 Brands Getting It Right With Sponsored Podcasts

Over the years, sponsored podcasts grew in popularity due to the growing podcast revenue and the increasing number of influencers with podcasts. Hence, brand and influencer podcast sponsorships may result in a highly engaged audience and an increase in sales. The first post of this two-part series discussed how and why brands should invest in branded podcasts. In this post, we will show how brands can invest in and benefit from sponsored podcasts.

10 Great Examples of Brands With Sponsored Podcasts

Since many podcasters monetize content through advertising and sponsorships, podcasting turned out to be a great source of revenue. As podcast advertising revenue increases, brands started to allocate added resources on podcast advertising. The podcast revenue is estimated to double in the year 2020. PwC and the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) forecasted an increase in podcast ad expenditures from $314 million in 2017 to $659 million in 2020. Through successful podcast advertising and sponsorships, companies can obtain continuous brand growth. Let’s take a look at these brands killing it with sponsored podcasts.

  • Product Placement in Sponsored Podcasts

Brands may participate in sponsored podcasts through product placement. In podcast advertising, product placement is done through the brand’s participation in the episode’s content. As a result, advertisers and the podcast host may collaborate and involve the brand by featuring products and services.  The host may also review and share experiences of using the brand.

1. Four Sigmatic on The Model Health Show

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Mushroom-based beverage brand Four Sigmatic worked together with health enthusiast and The Model Health Show podcast host Shawn Stevenson. Stevenson promoted the brand in one of the podcast’s episodes. The host connected motivation (the episode’s topic) with Four Sigmatic products for an eight-minute-long advert. Stevenson successfully related the topic to the product that he loves and genuinely shared his experience of using Four Sigmatic products. Thus, working with an influencer who has a huge following and uses the brand, provided Four Sigmatic an effective product placement.

2. Totino’s on My Brother, My Brother and Me

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The brand that brings “The party pizza” to life, Totino’s, became the star of the comedy advice podcast, My Brother, My Brother and Me, when the podcast hosts Justin, Travis, and, Griffin McElroy took the brand’s product placement to the next level. Video game journalists and Youtubers Griffin and Justin with their podcaster brother Travis turned one of the podcast episodes into a fun family hour. For over 40 minutes, the hosts only answered pizza or Totino’s-related questions and provided exclusively pizza-related pieces of advice. Because Totino’s chose pizza-roll loving podcasters, the brand successfully created engagement and brand awareness. 

  • Direct Response 

One of the most popular ways brands may advertise in sponsored podcasts is through a direct response ad. In a direct response advertisement, brands may request podcasters to ask listeners to act. In addition,  podcaster may invite listeners to visit the brand’s website or make a purchase using a discount code.

3. Annie Selke on Young House Love

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Annie Selke, a home furniture brand was featured in the home design podcast Young House Love as one of the show’s sponsors. During a 15-second ad at the beginning of the show, DIY bloggers and podcast hosts John and Sherry shared information about Annie Selke’s furniture and home products. The hosts invited audiences to visit the brand’s website and to use a discount code to avail 15% off consumers’ purchase. Likewise, the podcasters also mentioned Annie Selke in the podcast’s landing page as the episode’s sponsor. 

  • Pre-roll/ Mid-roll/ Out-roll Ads in Sponsored Podcasts

Pre-roll and Mid-roll advertisements are among the most common sponsored podcasts ads that allow podcasters to talk about their sponsors. Pre-roll ads are usually the 15 to 30-second spots found in the podcast’s opening before the show’s content. While mid-roll advertisements are the 30 to 60-second segments laid in the episode’s halfway mark after 40 to 70% of the show’s content was played. A few podcasts air out-roll ads which are end-of-show advertisements that listeners hear last.

4. Talenti on Gastropod and Spilled Milk

Unilever’s sorbetto brand Talenti effectively engaged audiences of food and beverage podcasts Gastropod and Spilled Milk with Pre-roll ads. A study conducted by Midroll showed that 74% of audiences who heard Talenti’s podcast ad recalled the ice cream brand features since Gastropod and Spilled Milk hosts presented questions that stuck to listeners’ minds. Among the 608 participants tested, 71% responded to more likely to purchase Talento’s products after listening to the podcast ad. The listeners’ response to the campaign is also attributed to the hosts credibility in their endorsements. Among the shows’ podcasters are food bloggers Nicola Twilley and Molly Wizenberg.

5. SweeTango on The Katie Couric Podcast

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SweeTango raised its marketing and advertising game by using non-traditional platforms such as Youtube and podcasts in the brand’s advertising campaigns in 2018. The perfect fall apple brand aired in seven podcasts and partnered with influential podcasters including journalist and TV host Katie Couric to sponsor Couric’s podcast. In one of the podcast episodes, Couric allotted a 30-second pre-roll segment for SweeTango to highlight the brand’s crispy and flavorful apples during its peak season. As a result,  SweeTango became one of the first fresh produce brands to invest in podcast advertising.

  • Brand Awareness through Sponsored Podcasts

Brands can turn to podcasts advertisements to increase brand recognition and awareness. Brand awareness campaigns aim to increase familiarity with the brand’s products and services that can lead to an increase in ROI. Hence, advertisers can reach out to podcasters to mention the brand and provide product information to listeners through sponsored podcasts. Some brand awareness ads also intended to only make conversation and share about the brand’s expertise without providing any call to action.

6. Backblaze on Cortex

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Backblaze backup system for Mac and Windows computers integrated podcast advertising since 2012 to build brand awareness. With podcast advertisements, the brand aimed to deliver knowledge of what they do. Backblaze collaborated with educational Youtuber CGP Grey and British podcaster Myke Hurley to be featured in the podcasters’ show Cortex. In one of the podcast episodes’ adverts, Grey talked about how Backblaze Cloud backup service works. The Youtuber also shared his personal story of how the brand helped to save important documents when he experienced a hard crash on his computer. The ad showcased not only the brand’s capabilities that provide enough knowledge of what the brand offers but a relatable personal experience to convince listeners to try Backblaze’s services. 

  • Show Guesting 

The podcast hosts may invite brand representatives to be a guest of a podcast episode. Through show or interview guesting, brands can promote products and services, share the brand’s story and expertise, and tell listeners that the show is sponsored by the brand.

7. Front Row Dads on Boss Dad Podcast

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Front Row Dads, an extension of the Front Row Foundation is the official sponsor of The Boss Dad Podcast hosted by blogger and entrepreneur-mom Dana Malstaff. Jon Vroman, Co-Founder of Front Row Foundation and CEO of Front Row Dads was interviewed by Malstaff in the show’s second episode. Vroman shared the story of how the Front Row Foundation started and expanded to other businesses including Front Row Global and Front Row Dads. Front Row Dads received the credit and advertising it yearned as Vroman shared information about the company and created brand awareness throughout the entire interview.

  • Live Show Sponsored Podcasts

Brands can also invest in sponsored podcasts through live shows. Podcasts every now and then would record an episode or two with live listeners. Live podcasts or live shows are aired live to audiences listening at the same time the podcast is being recorded. Brands may also sponsor a live tour to reach out to more listeners. Live shows may also create profitable opportunities for sponsorships and advertisements to brands.

8. Kahlua on Spilled Milk Podcast

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Kahlua sponsored a live episode of the comedy food podcast Spilled Milk, recorded in the Rethink Cold Brew Cafe by Kahlua in Seattle. The cocktail brand partnered with a  food and beverages-related podcast in one of the brand’s marketing campaigns. The Spilled Milk Podcast hosts food blogger Molly Wizenberg and author Matthew Amster-Burton discussed a particular ingredient or food in each of their episodes in a fun and entertaining way. With the show’s special live episode sponsored by the Kahlua, the hosts played an icebreaker game and conversed about amusing topics while talking about Kahlua cocktails and drinking Kahlua Espresso Martinis in front of a live audience.

9. Alaska Airlines on Awesome with Alison

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In 2018, blogger and influencer Alison Faulkner held a live podcast tour sponsored by Alaska Airlines.  Faulkner visited five US cities namely Provo, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Fransisco, and Phoenix to conduct live shows and meet with current and potential listeners. With the said partnership, Faulkner promoted the brand during the live tour and the blogger’s social media channels. The Alison show website featured Alaska Airlines’ name as the official sponsor of the live shows. Alaska Airlines was promoted in one of Faulkner’s blog posts and Instagram stories.

  • Homepage Advertising 

Most podcasts feature their sponsors on the show’s home/landing page, which is another way for brands to venture into sponsored podcasts. Homepage advertising provides brand recall and awareness. Therefore, listeners become exposed to a brand just by visiting a sponsored podcast’s landing page. Homepage advertising also gives brands opportunities to offer discount codes which may lead to product purchases.

10. Grove Collaborative on For the Love, Coffee + Crumbs, and A Slob Comes Clean

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Eco-friendly home care brand Grove Collaborative utilized podcasts as one of the company’s advertising tools. The brand collaborated with a few bloggers and influencers with home-related podcasts including Dana White of A Slob Comes CleanAt the beginning of the episodes, Grove Collaborative was introduced as the show’s sponsor. The hosts tell something about the brand’s expertise and ask listeners to sign up using the podcast’s code to get a bonus gift and other deals. The brand was also featured in the podcasts’ landing pages. Dana White also wrote a blog post for Grove Collaborative to raise brand awareness.

Brands are provided with a number of ways to advertise in sponsored podcasts. From product placements to live shows, brands can utilize the use of podcasts to their benefit.

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