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Why You Need Micro Influencers to Increase ROI

Influencer marketing campaigns brought micro-influencers in the spotlight. Finding the right influencers is a key component for a successful influencer marketing strategy that generates ROI. While enlisting famous celebrity influencers is a great option, it may not be the most effective way for social media engagement. Presently, most consumers value the credibility of brand endorsers…

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How to Cultivate Long-Term Relationships With Influencers

Brands’ partnerships with influencers set them apart from their competitors. Just like how influencers build long-term relationships with their followers, brands need to create strong, lasting connections for an effective marketing strategy. Influencers desire brand collaborations, especially long-term relationships that provide brands continual access to influencers’ creative content and loyal audiences. Strong influencer partnerships result…

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Should You Partner With an Influencer Marketing Network? [Infographic Quiz]

Trying to decide whether partnering with an Influencer Marketing Network is right for your agency or brand? Let this humorous Influencer Marketing Network infographic quiz help make your decision fun and easy. Influencer Marketing Network Infographic Quiz Simply answer each question in the Influencer Network infographic quiz below, tally up your points, and discover the…

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