Trying to decide whether partnering with an Influencer Marketing Network is right for your agency or brand? Let this humorous Influencer Marketing Network infographic quiz help make your decision fun and easy.

Influencer Marketing Network Infographic Quiz

Simply answer each question in the Influencer Network infographic quiz below, tally up your points, and discover the answer (at the bottom) to whether you should partner with an Influencer Marketing Network.

Once you have a solid decision, follow the next steps below the Influencer Network infographic quiz to learn action items that will move your Influencer Marketing efforts forward.

Influencer Marketing Network Infographic

Next Steps

Hopefully, this Influencer Marketing Network Infographic made it fun and easy for you to come to a decision on whether to manage Influencer Marketing in house, adopt a hybrid approach, or outsource it completely. Depending on your answer, here are some immediate action items you can take to move your Influencer Marketing efforts forward:

Manage Influencer Marketing In House

If you answered “No!” I do not need to partner with an Influencer Marketing Network, consider doing the following. These steps will help you better manage your Influencer Marketing in house.

  • Take an assessment of your current Influencer Marketing practices and results.
  • Create an Influencer Marketing strategy and plan. This can be for your entire Influencer Marketing efforts or simply for one campaign.
  • Start building an internal Influencer Marketing Network.
  • Develop Influencer Management guidelines.
  • Create processes for your Influencer Marketing practices.
  • Set up tracking and reporting systems.
  • Get the right tools in place (e.g., metrics, Influencer Management automation platforms, etc.).

These 6 steps will help you with your Influencer Marketing assessment.

Adopt a Hybrid Approach by Partnering With an Influencer Marketing Network

If your “Hybrid” answer helped you see that you’d benefit from an Influencer Marketing Network partnership, getting clear on your needs is your first step. Start by identifying those tasks to keep and those to outsource. Your decision can be based on myriad factors, including some of the following:

  • Budget
  • Capacity
  • Expertise
  • Preference
  • Relationships
  • Time

For example, you may have great expertise in determining a campaign’s direction. So, you may want to remain in charge of setting your strategy and plan. And, you may already have metrics covered. So outsourcing wouldn’t save you budget. But the in between stuff? Campaign execution and influencer management? Those may be the things taking your time and money that you’d love to get off your plate. Regardless of what tasks you decide to outsource, having clear asks for your Influencer Marketing Network partners will lead to better results.

Get tips on creating an Influencer Marketing strategy.

Outsourcing Influencer Marketing Completely to an Influencer Marketing Network

If “Yes!” was your answer—you determined that you are game to completely outsource all things Influencer Marketing to an Influencer Marketing Network, your next is clear.  Form the partnership. If you already have relationships, keep working with those you trust. If you don’t have a clue, ask for recommendations, search online, and test a variety on smaller campaigns to see who meets your budget, style, quality, and other requirements or preferences.

Now, you are set up to move forward and either manage your Influencer Marketing in house, share the roles and responsibilities with an Influencer Marketing Network partner, or completely outsource all related tasks to a trusted network.

Discover what to look for when choosing an Influencer Marketing Network.

What are your best practices when it comes to partnering with Influencer Marketing Networks?


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