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8 Successful Gaming Marketing Campaigns

The rise of e-sports in our generation somehow made our mothers wrong all along. Being glued to consoles and headphones all day can, in fact, be productive, after all. Names like Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods and Serena Williams now share the spotlight with the likes of Sasha Hostyn, Kuro Takhasomi, and Katherine Gun seeing as…

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Why Your Brand Should Invest in Gaming Influencer Marketing in 2020

Gaming Influencer Marketing

In today’s generation, finding someone who has never tried installing or playing a game on their mobile or computer devices at least once in their lives is rare. Whether they be action, puzzle, educational, or simulation games, the gaming industry has never been more on-trend for consumers young and old. For this reason, upping your…

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10 Influencer Marketing Halloween Campaign Ideas That Will Wow You

With Halloween approaching, brands are identifying influencer marketing Halloween campaign ideas that will promote their products and services in fun, fresh, and relevant ways for their target market. The key is pinning down the best activations, making certain they meet your goals, objectives, and projected ROI. Recent studies by the Halloween Industry Association showed that most…

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Top 10 2019 Influencer Marketing Trends

We’re midway through the year but it doesn’t mean you can’t start fresh, and plans can still be set in motion. Below we’ve compiled the hottest influencer marketing trends for 2019. Does your influencer marketing strategy have these trends in tow? Let’s take a look at the 2019 influencer marketing trends that we’re predicting are…

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10 Community Management Tips Learned MINI Cooper Road Rallying

As with most skills, we learn by doing. This has been especially true for me when upping my community management game. I’ve been managing an online community—the Forward Network—for nearly 10 years. But, all the community management tips I really ever needed to know I learned road rallying across the US with 4,000+ MINI Cooper…

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10 Business Leadership Lessons Learned From Love and Marriage

Today is my 21st wedding anniversary, which is odd since I’m still 29 years old (#IWish). Twenty-one years in a relationship is a long time to create memories, take advantage of opportunities, and learn from the ups and downs. As I reflect on these past few years (21 “few” years to be exact), I find…

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How Many Exclamation Points Are Too Many?

Exclamation Points

I overheard two women talking about exclamation points recently. The one said to the other, “If I receive email outreach that includes an exclamation point, I immediately hit delete.” The other woman agreed and said, “Right? Aren’t they annoying and unprofessional?” I cringed, thinking how most of my email outreach included salutations like, “Hi, Sally!…

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Community Management 201: How to Build a Successful Community

Community Management 201-How to Build a Successful Community

Community management 101 focuses on building a solid community management foundation. It includes tasks like setting community management goals; determining your strategy; and identifying resources, roles and responsibilities, and a hiring process. Additionally, it spells out tasks like deciding on connection guidelines, creating an editorial calendar, and setting up a metrics system. Most importantly, it…

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Community Management 101: How to Create a Solid Foundation

Community Management 101-How to Create a Successful Community

Social media makes connecting with customers, fans, activists, or a network of like-minded individuals easier than ever. For example, raise your hand if you belong to at least one Facebook Group. My neighborhood alone has five groups for various niches. You could say we’re tight. However, thriving online and offline communities don’t just happen overnight.…

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