With Halloween approaching, brands are identifying influencer marketing Halloween campaign ideas that will promote their products and services in fun, fresh, and relevant ways for their target market. The key is pinning down the best activations, making certain they meet your goals, objectives, and projected ROI.

Recent studies by the Halloween Industry Association showed that most consumers get their Halloween products and services through the influence of social media. For example, Instagram has had the biggest increase of users year after year—close to 12%. Making full use of your influencers’ creativity has never been more important.

10 Influencer Marketing Halloween Campaign Ideas

10 Influencer Marketing Halloween Campaign Ideas

Here are 10 influencer marketing Halloween campaign ideas that may help spark activations for  your products or services. From generating buzz and brand awareness to driving sales and customer acquisition, the goal is to focus on tactics that will move the needle for your business.

Blog Tours

izze kailochic instagram post_halloween campaign ideas izze studiodiy instagram post_halloween campaign ideas - Copy

Brand: Izze

What Wowed Us: Izze connected with influencers in the DIY party decor niche and asked them to take photos of their favorite Izze products on a festive backdrop, write a blog post about throwing the perfect Halloween party, and  promote it on their social media accounts. These blog posts authored by A Kailo Chic Life and Studio DIY are great examples of how the objectives were met by the campaign.

Results: The two blog posts alone generated more than 4,000 likes on Instagram. It also resulted to a lot of engagement across platforms, driving the audience to the brand’s website and products and increasing awareness.

Blog Tours: DIY Tutorials

amazon prime boxtumes campaign_halloween campaign ideas

Brand: Amazon

What Wowed Us: If some of your primary goals for marketing your product is creating brand awareness, generating buzz, and increasing engagement about a DIY tutorial, then engaging influencers in creating how-to blog posts and promoting them across social media is the way to go. For example, Amazon put their unsung heroes (aka their Amazon Prime boxes) in the spotlight by partnering with several influencers during their 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 #Boxtumes campaigns. Each influencer was asked to create their Halloween costumes using Amazon Prime boxes, write a step-by-step blog post, and promote it across social media platforms, using the #Boxtumes hashtag. This above image is a sample blog post from Your Modern Family that captured the objectives of the campaign.

Results: The results were incredible. The total reach of the influencers’ social media posts was nearly 20 million. An increase in engagement, likes, and follows was seen across the board.

Facebook Campaigns

netflix stranger things facebook campaign_halloween campaign ideas

Brand: Netflix

What Wowed Us: When season two of the original Netflix series Stranger Things was about to be released during Halloween of 2017, brands jumped on the hype by collaborating with Netflix on releasing limited edition merchandise and promotions. Brands such as Topshop, Lyft, Kellogg’s, Spotify, Reebok, etc. promoted the series across their social media platforms, including Facebook. Additionally, they created a number of in-store or live experiences to add to the buzz. For example, Lyft created an upside-down experience for some of its passengers during Halloween night.

Results: Brand collaborations are a fun way to spice things up during the holidays. Using Facebook for activations will increase product exposure, reach audiences across brands, and improve engagement.

Instagram Campaigns

crocs instagram campaign_halloween campaign ideas

Brand: Crocs

What Wowed Us: In this campaign, Crocs maximized the power of its influencers’ creativity in producing unique content for its brand. Specifically, Crocs partnered with several influencers to match their iconic shoes with DIY Halloween costumes and post a photo on Instagram using the  #ComeAsYouAre hashtag.

Results: This campaign drove brand awareness and creative assets. Plus, because of the personal touches made by the influencers, the brand was able to connect with the consumers.

Live Streaming

ritz live streaming_halloween campaign ideas

Brand: Ritz

What Wowed Us: Live streaming is one of our favorite Halloween campaign ideas as it is a great way to engage an influencer’s followers. The most popular use of live streaming this time of year are live video tutorials of Halloween make-up sessions or unboxing Halloween hauls. But, we champion brands who go outside the box. For example, Ritz found a way to stand out by teaming up with influencers to show off Halloween recipes and sandwiches using Ritz. All of this was done on Facebook Live.

Results: This activation drove brand awareness and buzz among the influencer’s networks. Additionally, it gave consumers more ideas on the unlimited capabilities of the product. In other words, it opened opportunities for potential consumers to try the Ritz product and see for themselves.

Live Events

disney live event_halloween campaign ideas


Brand: Disney

What Wowed Us: Disney likes to go big for Halloween and it is impressive how far they are willing to go. This year, they sponsored influencers to fly to their destination and experience Disney during the Halloween season. Influencers got first-hand experiences and wrote about it in their blogs and social media accounts. This blog post from Trips with Tykes detailed every single thing Disney’s target audience need to know as they plan their visit to the park.

Results: Product sampling, brand awareness, and creative assets are some results you could get from hosting Live Events for your products. Additionally, it is a good avenue to collect positive customer feedback or gauge customer satisfaction.


Brand: Head & Shoulders

What Wowed Us: Virtual events are where it’s at these days, especially when it comes to Influencer Marketing. So, why not turn your next Influencer Marketing campaign into a virtual Halloween party?

When we launched a live event campaign with Head & Shoulders, the world underwent a pandemic. So, we quickly had to pivot and decide how to roll with it all while being sensitive to current events. Instead of hosting in-person live events, the influencers hosted virtual events thanks to Zoom.

Participating influencers prepared goodie bags for their guests, safely dropped them off at the guests’ homes, and then hopped on Zoom for a 45-minute virtual event.

Results: The activation not only helped move the campaign forward via a creative way to pivot, it also increased engagement via blog posts, social media shares, and word-of-mouth marketing. The influencers loved hosting a virtual party and making their friends feel special even during the quarantine. An added bonus were the goodie bags because they gave the guests a chance to try out the products leading up to the virtual event. The guests loved the products and were influenced to purchase more of the products after the live events.

Pinterest Campaigns

sephora pinterest campaign_halloween campaign ideas

Brand: Sephora

What Wowed Us: For influencers and normal consumers alike, being featured on your favorite brand’s page is so validating. Sephora joined the Halloween fun by creating a Pinterest board where followers could pin their best Halloween makeup look. They needed to use the #SephoraSelfie hashtag to qualify. When they did, they got a chance to be featured as the brand’s inspiration.

Results: This activation generated buzz among those in the fashion community. The board instantly got close to 430,000 follows!

Snapchat Campaigns

fanta snapchat filters_halloween campaign ideas

Brand: Fanta

What Wowed Us: Fanta used Virtual Reality in creating a campaign that generated buzz among consumers. Along with a scary elevator crash experience  they held during a live event, they also partnered with Snapchat to create limited edition lenses and filters that were accessed through QR codes strategically placed on limited products. Additionally, Fanta connected with influencers to recreate these limited edition filters, using their own makeup and costumes.

Results: Millenials make up 45% of the Snapchat community according to this source. For them, experience plays a big role in deciding their favorite products. This activation drove an increase in engagement, creative assets, and customer experience.

Twitter Parties

sunstar gum spooky smiles twitter party_halloween campaign ideas

Brand: Sunstar

What Wowed Us: Twitter Parties are always a great way to venture into community engagement. In this activation, brands can show off products or services in a friendly, non-salesy way. Additionally, they can drive a huge amount of impressions in a very short period of time. Sunstar successfully pulled off its Halloween Twitter Party by partnering with influencers who were knowledgeable about a specific Halloween topic. In addition to that, they gave away prizes like Visa gift cards, product discounts, and more.

Results: Involving influencers in Twitter Parties helps you tap into just the right target market while driving great content from informal experts with reach. The influencers already had an established network which helped Sunstar drive impressions while raising product awareness.

Video Campaigns

m&ms video campaign_halloween campaign ideas

Brand: M&Ms

What Wowed Us: M&Ms was one of the Halloween campaign ideas we saw as a real win. Why? They chose a fun format like video and partnered with influencers to increase their exposure and engagement even more than they would have had they pushed the campaign on their own. For instance, this video posted by the famous Ryan’s Toy Review with a giant M&Ms candy pack left those 1.3 million viewers wanting to buy M&Ms for Halloween.

Results:  Sometimes, candy brands take all the time and money in the world fussing with new packaging and advertising for their products when all it takes is a video from an influencer with 16 million subscribers to get you the reach and buzz (and ultimately sales) that you desire.

Wrapping It All Up

With the great commercialization of the holidays (Hello! Halloween products are on store aisles in August.) and the ever-increasing rate of America’s spending power during Halloween, brands need to stay fun, fresh, and relevant in their marketing campaigns.. The above are 10 brands who engaged in nine different Halloween campaign ideas that perfectly matched their objectives and goals.

What Halloween campaign ideas do you have? Or, what brands have you seen knock it out of the park when it comes to Halloween-related activations?

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