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How to Cultivate Long-Term Relationships With Influencers

Brands’ partnerships with influencers set them apart from their competitors. Just like how influencers build long-term relationships with their followers, brands need to create strong, lasting connections for an effective marketing strategy. Influencers desire brand collaborations, especially long-term relationships that provide brands continual access to influencers’ creative content and loyal audiences. Strong influencer partnerships result…

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Top 9 Things to Do When You Screw Up Your Email Marketing Campaign

“Reply-All” disasters, roasting someone you didn’t realize was included in an email thread, sending a marriage proposal to the wrong person via email … we’ve all been there, right? But when you manage to screw up an entire email marketing campaign, the stakes can be even higher. With the average office worker receiving 121 and…

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6 Influencer Marketing Campaign Management Best Practices

When managing an influencer marketing campaign, knowing and following the dos and don’ts can be the difference between achieving a winning campaign or not. This post, designed to share influencer marketing campaign management best practices, is the fourth in our “Comprehensive Guide to Influencer Marketing” 6-part series in which we discuss the 6 Things you…

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How to Create Results-Driven Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Crafting campaigns may get your creative juices flowing, but without focusing on results for your next sure-to-be-award-winning campaign, you’re not likely to improve your company’s bottom line. So, how can you maximize creativity while adhering to strategy and following a process? This post, designed to help you create results-driven influencer marketing campaigns, is the third…

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4 Steps to Creating an Influencer Marketing Strategy

When it comes to influencer marketing, have you ever been tempted to skip right over the planning and start brainstorming your next sure-to-go-viral campaign? If you have, then you are not alone. Talking tactics is a much sexier albeit distracting first step than, say, waiting around to come to consensus on goals and budget. What…

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6 Things You Must Do Before Developing an Influencer Marketing Plan

Whether you have a solid influencer marketing strategy in place, want to improve your current plan, or are looking to create your very first one, prepare before developing an influencer marketing plan so you can enjoy influencer marketing campaigns that deliver results later. This post, designed to help you get all the pieces and parts…

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6 Tips for Maximizing Buzz After Your Google Plus Hangout on Air

How to Maximize Buzz after a Google + On-Air Hangout

You’ve successfully produced your well-planned Google Plus Hangout on Air and you’re wanting to ensure that the buzz you’ve created doesn’t die down. You’ve facilitated your Google Plus Hangout on Air without any technical difficulties and you’ve taken all the steps to ensure you encouraged engagement with all of your attendees. Now that you’ve mastered…

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How to Run Successful Facebook Live Campaigns

Whether the Chewbacca Mask Mom helped you belly laugh or made you scratch your head as you wondered what the hype was all about, the nearly 160MM views, 3.4MM likes, and 3.5MM shares it generated within only a month of launching put Facebook Live on the map in a big way. Live streaming is now…

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