Given this time of uncertainty, do you find yourself struggling to communicate with your customers in a way that drives real connection? Now more than ever, brands have an opportunity to show their human side by sharing positive, responsible, and compassionate marketing communication. This empathic approach will result in brand credibility and customer loyalty that is sure to far outlive this pandemic.

20 Examples of Compassionate and Responsible COVID-19 Communication Campaigns

According to 4A’s Research, many buyers are awaiting companies to deliver reassuring and positive marketing messages. Their survey, which was administered to 1000 participants, found that 40 percent of respondents desired to know the actions companies are undertaking during the crisis. Furthermore, 43 percent found comfort in hearing from their favorite brands.  

The 20 brands listed below highlight companies getting it right in their compassionate marketing communication strategies.

Spread Positivity with Compassionate Marketing Communication

Global issues like this current pandemic can trigger anxiety and stress. Therefore, brands that spread positivity not only stand out but also connect with customers.  

1. Summersalt

Summersalt Marketing Messages

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Summersalt is committed to its core mission of spreading joy, creating connections, and inspiring hope. For example, the swimwear brand produced a free text line for consumers. The platform allowed audiences to connect with the brand’s customer happiness team to receive uplifting tips, videos, and messages.

2. Nyx Cosmetics

Nyx Marketing Messages

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Another example of a brand inspiring positivity and resilience through a compassionate marketing communication campaign is NYX Cosmetics. Specifically, the brand produced an inspirational video featuring NYX’s professional and local artists, motivating consumers to remain hopeful. Additionally, it reminded them that customers are not alone in experiencing this crisis. As a result, the brand succeeded in providing comfort to its customers by showing genuine love and care for them.  

Ensure Social Media Content Answers Consumers’ Needs

During this worldwide crisis, responsible businesses must be considerate and careful in communicating brands’ marketing messages. For example, companies must create relevant content and consider consumers’ feelings and needs. Additionally, brands must avoid producing marketing messages that may lead to negative emotions like anxiety and anger.

3. Aveeno

Aveeno Marketing Messages

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To ensure that it hit the mark, Aveeno created an Instagram post asking followers for suggestions on what they want to hear from the brand during this uncertain time. Hence, by soliciting consumers’ opinions, the brand showed how customers’ needs and satisfaction are its utmost priority.

Promote Public Information Campaigns

Another way brands can position their COVID-19 communication strategy to produce timely and impactful content is through the endorsement of public information campaigns. Therefore, companies can educate audiences about certain steps and regulations to take to prevent catching the virus. Below are examples of global campaigns supported by outstanding brands. 

4. KFC for Social Distancing Campaign

Among the most common global guidelines provided to each individual is social distancing. First, people were advised to limit physical contact with each other. Second, individuals were encouraged to avoid mass gatherings to slow down and eventually stop the spread of the virus.

KFC Marketing Messages

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KFC is one of the brands that applied the social distancing campaign as part of the business’ regulations. For example, the brand came up with a contactless delivery service. As a result, the brand effectively promoted limited to zero contact between customers and store staff. Furthermore, the arrangement also emphasized the use of the KFC website to order online. 

5. Google for Handwashing Campaign

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Another topic circulating across social platforms is handwashing. The World Health Organization encourages the public to regularly wash their hands to prevent the spread of the virus. Brands like Google showed their support by using their influence to invite audiences to follow this practice. For instance, the brand created a #GoogleDoodle of a customized hand washing chart and shared it on Google’s Instagram account.

6. Dove for Staying At Home Campaign

Reinforcing social distancing, a number of brands encouraged people to stay at home via compassionate marketing communication and campaigns.

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For example, Dove launched a user-generated content campaign and invited followers to share reasons why they stay at home. Moreover, the brand persuaded audiences to join the challenge and tag friends to participate. As a result, Dove successfully engaged a wider group of audiences all while driving home an important message.

Communicate Employee Appreciation and Compensation

During the crisis, brands that produce and sell essential products are allowed to operate. Consequently, employees working for these companies are more exposed to viruses. Businesses stand out when they publicly share the steps they are taking to protect their employees’ health and compensate them for their labor. 

7. Kroger

As part of its COVID-19 communication campaign, Kroger showed appreciation to their team and employees by expanding the brand’s emergency leave guidelines. Furthermore, the company announced on its social media channels its plan to offer full-time and part-time associates with bonuses.

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Market Extra Services for High-Risk Consumers

The elderly, pregnant women and people with compromised immune systems are considered high-risk. Therefore, brands can utilize marketing communication and strategies to show empathy and care toward these customers.


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As an example, ALDI promoted its offering of special services to vulnerable customers—creating a shopping window exclusively for senior citizens, expectant mothers, and individuals with health concerns.

Partner with Influencers on Compassionate Marketing Communication Campaigns

Brands can successfully spread optimism and joy through influencer partnerships. For instance, companies can utilize social media stars’ influence to promote public information campaigns and create uplifting and positive content.

9. Nike

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Nike helps followers stay safe and healthy by promoting the stay-at-home campaign. As part of the company’s COVID-19 communication campaigns, the brand encouraged consumers to play inside, not only for themselves but for the whole world. Additionally, Nike partnered with athletes to further promote the brand’s message by inviting customers to share posts on how they are following the brand’s campaign to receive more engagement.

Announce Waiving Late Fees on Loans or Utilities

Because of the current crisis, many employees have lost their jobs or have received lower salaries. Some brands deferred payments for two consecutive months or more to show concern and care toward consumers.

10. Hyundai

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For example, Hyundai shared an Instagram post, highlighting its offer to waive 3 months (90 days) of payments on select Hyundai cars. In addition, the brand came up with Hyundai Assurance, which covers 6 months of payments for those who lose their job due to the pandemic.

Highlight Brand Apps, Online Stores, and Online Shopping

Most businesses closed their brick and mortar stores to motivate individuals to stay at home and to help flatten the curve. As a result, making online shopping more available and convenient and emphasizing the benefits found on brand apps is key. 

11. Under Armour

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Under Armour ensured consumers that the brands’ products and services are still available in its online store and app even though most of its shops were closed. For instance, the brand encouraged consumers to visit the brand’s website to make purchases. In addition, Under Armour’s COVID-19 communication and social media campaigns featured workout videos to inspire followers to be active and use the brand’s app to track their exercises.

Showcase Your Virtual Team  

To encourage team members to shelter at home, companies have gone virtual. Brands have an opportunity to craft creative marketing messages by sharing behind-the-scenes images and videos, featuring their remote teams.

12. Glossier

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Glossier is just one example of a brand that is using Instagram to showcase how their now remote team is connecting with audiences through beauty videos and motivational content. 

Call Out Donations to Charities, Organizations, and Communities

One of the marketing messages consumers want to hear from brands during this challenging time is about companies’ social good campaigns. In fact, 56 percent of those who took the survey anticipated knowing about the socially responsible actions businesses make to help communities, employees, and individuals, such as providing product and service donations.

13. KraftHeinz

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One example of a brand that believes in compassionate marketing communication and is committed to doing good is KraftHeinz’s with their 12-million-dollar monetary and food donation to individuals and communities worldwide.

Show Gratitude and Provide Assistance to First Responders

Another compassionate marketing communication strategy brands can implement during COVID-19 is showing gratitude and providing specific assistance to healthcare professionals and first responders. This could look like providing free products or services or even specific resources, such as a venue, to support essential employees in accomplishing their jobs.

14. Starbucks

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As an example, Starbucks implemented compassionate marketing communication by showing how they appreciate health workers and first responders. The company is giving out free products in some of its stores. This simple act of kindness helps individuals—who risk their lives every day for all of us—to feel valued and motivated. Additionally, it shows customers that every individual matters.

15. Gap

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Another brand administering support to medical professionals is Gap. For instance, the brand announced how it is connecting with vendors to supply medical needs including masks, clinical gowns, and scrubs to large hospitals.

Highlight Making Products and Services Convenient and Accessible

Aside from donating to charities and communities, brands can implement their compassionate marketing communication strategy by helping individuals affected by the crisis by making products and services convenient, easy to access, or free of charge. 

16. Dunkin’ for Making Products and Services Accessible

Dunkin Marketing Messages

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One of the brands providing essential products available to consumers is Dunkin’. For instance, the brand announced in its compassionate marketing communication messages what the company is doing to make products accessible at this difficult time. Specifically, the brand continues to open brick and mortar stores for drive-thru and carry-out purchases. Furthermore, Dunkin’ offers delivery services to make products more convenient for those customers who cannot go out of their homes.

17. Loom for Free Products and Services

Loom Marketing Messages

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Loom understood the importance of consumers having accessibility to their products at this time. As a result, the brand gave free access to the company’s video platform, Loom Pro, to assist teachers and students in conducting online classes.

18. Wool And The Gang for Free Online Tutorials

WATG Marketing Messages

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Wool And The Gang believes that crafting drives creativity and can decrease stress. To help consumers remain calm and focused while dealing with their current circumstances, the brand offers free daily stitch tutorials that can be accessed on the business’ social media channels.

Share How To or Activity-Focused Content

Since individuals at home are looking for ways to fill their time, businesses can assist customers through their brand messaging and campaigns by providing tips and suggestions for activities to try. Additionally, brands may use this compassionate marketing communication strategy to spread positive energy and motivate individuals to get moving.

19. Barbie

Barbie Marketing Messages

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Since schools have been canceled, Barbie aims to help parents provide children meaningful and educational activities. In addition, Barbie created resources to print out or copy which helped make activities easier to follow.

Stream Live Videos 

Social media channels have become an effective tool to spread compassionate marketing communication. Whether brands are sharing workout routines or skill training, teaching DIY workshops, or otherwise promoting positivity, utilizing social media tools and platforms to produce motivating marketing messages goes a long way to connect with customers.

20. Levi’s

As just one example, Levi’s encouraged audiences to stay home while building a connection through music. To bring a sense of community and spread hope, the brand brought live performances from chosen artists to the virtual stage and featured them on Levi’s Instagram Live Stories.

Levi's Marketing Messages

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Wrapping It All Up

Connecting with customers during uncertain times can be challenging. Yet, brands can stand out through producing compassionate marketing communication during COVID-19. Here are some suggestions on how companies can modify their marketing messages and strategies during the current crisis:

  • Spread Positivity with Compassionate Marketing Communication
  • Ensure Social Media Content Answers Consumers’ Needs 
  • Promote Public Information Campaigns
  • Communicate Employee Appreciation and Compensation 
  • Market Extra Services for High-Risk Consumers
  • Partner with Influencers on Compassionate Marketing Communication Campaigns
  • Announce Waiving Late Fees on Loans or Utilities
  • Highlight Brand Apps, Online Stores, and Online Shopping 
  • Showcase Your Virtual Team 
  • Call Out Donations to Charities, Organizations, and Communities
  • Show Gratitude and Provide Assistance to First Responders
  • Share How To or Activity-Focused Content 
  • Stream Live Videos 

“What are your go-to tips for connecting with customers through compassionate marketing communication?”


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