Influencer Marketing is growing faster than ever. With the increase in the use of influencers as a marketing activation, Influencer Marketing strategies are increasingly changing as well. Even though the strategy works, there are some variables you can look at and consider in making an effective marketing plan. You need to be constantly evaluating your efforts and considering Influencer Marketing improvements to implement into your campaign strategy.

Influencer Marketing improvements

The Top 10 Influencer Marketing Improvements You Need to Consider

Today’s global market is becoming more consumer-driven and competitive which can make it difficult to reach a high return on investment (ROI). Businesses do not only focus on attracting new customers, but also converting them into loyal ones. Conventional advertising methods (e.g., TV commercials and print ads) are not enough to achieve these goals.

Based on recent studies, 90 percent of people trust what they see online, especially if it’s from influencers. What does this mean? Consumers rely heavily on human connection and relationships, even from those they don’t know personally.

If you decide to go the Influencer Marketing route, you need to make sure your Influencer Marketing campaign is set up correctly. You might encounter the following aspects of Influencer Marketing that will need your immediate attention to avoid wasting time, money, and effort while strategizing and managing your campaign. It’s incredibly important to consider the following Influencer Marketing improvements.

1. Figure out the goal of the campaign.

Is the campaign about promoting a product, raising brand awareness, achieving high reach, or getting click-throughs? Prior to launching your campaign, you need to set clear goals. Understanding your end goal will make the campaign management process a lot easier. Once your campaign is running, you need to evaluate whether you are on track to meet and/or exceed your end goal. Surely you want to achieve high ROI, so gauging the performance of your campaign and adjusting as need be mid-course should always be a consideration. Social media is always changing. If an activity isn’t performing well, don’t be afraid to make adjustments and consider Influencer Marketing improvements. You set a goal for a reason. Do actions that will ensure you hit the goal.

2. Build a solid strategy.

We can be indecisive with our choices sometimes, but here you have to create a firm plan to make everything work and not misspend your resources. You can always see the statistics of how well your product and the influencer are doing, the number of people seeing your product, reviews, and any other relevant figures that could be useful for the next projects that you’ll be doing.

There are different programs that you can use to gather the data you need, may it be for your first or next influencer (e.g.  Awario) or how many people are searching for the same product as yours (Google Trends). With these useful tools, you can start dealing with how you can bring your brand to the top by forming great relationships with the right influencers.

Don’t shy away from researching outside-of-the-box strategies. You can also check out competitors’ campaigns to see what they have or are doing. In doing research, you’ll be able to notice Influencer Marketing improvements that you can make to your campaign strategy.

3. Find your right target market and audience.

To find the right influencer/s for your brand, you should also take a look at your product. Different brands cater to different markets. Knowing your current market demographics will give you an idea of how to connect with them. You will then have a better understanding of your market’s interests and preferences and, most likely, the people they follow online or the websites they frequently visit.

4. Require influencers to share dynamic content.

Now that your campaign has launched, sit back and watch as an audience. How do you feel looking at the sponsored content? Make your genuine assessment based on an audience perspective and see what else can be done to make your campaign substantial and valuable. Did you know that 73 percent of customers want to learn about your product? Now is the perfect time to maximize that viewership.

What really catches the eyes of consumers is dynamic or video content that makes them stop scrolling and watch the action. As a brand, getting your consumer to stop scrolling is key to getting your full message communicated. Therefore, even just a little movement in your content can make great strides on your brand image and engagement.

Dynamic video content is a valuable addition to your social media and influencer strategies. It first and foremost captures the attention of your audience and increases their engagement with your post. Other benefits of using dynamic video content include the ability to send a strong message, build credibility, and establish long-term commitment. Try full videos, boomerangs, time-lapses, animated shorts, and creative overlays to take advantage of the power of dynamic video content. 

5. Focus on influencer relationships.

Influencers are crucial to brands, so it’s important to have strong, long-lasting influencer relationships. As brand ambassadors, they promote the products and services, increase brand visibility, and encourage online engagement. In the current times where social media is reigning supreme in marketing plans and efforts, influencers help establish and expand a brand’s presence. Without them, many brands would remain voiceless and faceless.

To many consumers, influencers are like trusted friends who offer valuable advice regarding brands, products, and services. For brands, it is crucial to get close to said “friends” so that they can indirectly influence consumers’ behavior. Building lasting relationships with influencers can be quite a challenge. If you need tips regarding this matter, we have ten!

As a brand, working with influencers is a conscious effort. Influencer relationships must remain at a balanced state wherein no one is excessively above the other. For that reason, brands must treat influencers as humanely as possible. Whenever this is achieved, influencers typically express their gratitude by producing high-quality campaigns. In the long run, the special treatment will further strengthen the relationship between the company and influencers. Remember to keep in mind these tips in order to build strong influencer relationships.

6. Synchronize with your influencers.

Working directly with influencers can be tough for some brands, especially when considering all that goes into Influencer Marketing. If necessary, sit down with your influencer and discuss the items that you think need adjustment while the campaign is ongoing. Your influencers execute your campaign online, but it is your responsibility to track how the content is performing so don’t hesitate to meet and discuss your concerns with them. May it be the reach, the engagement, the platform used, or the sales—go ahead and tell the influencers. Two brains are better than one, so they might be able to pitch ideas that will improve the campaign since they know their audience best. 

7. Expand your thoughts on influencer tiers.

Influencers are people who guide the thoughts and feelings of their followers on a media platform. There really is no answer to how many followers you must have in order to be an influencer. In fact, everyone on social media has the power to influence their followers in one way or another. However, when it comes to sponsoring someone to advocate for your brand, considering the influencer tier should be an important step in your strategy.

Influencers are categorized into different levels or tiers. The tiers are determined by their overall reach and each will help you obtain different objectives. When determining which tier of influencer you want to sponsor for your campaign, you must first consider your objectives. Mega and macro-influencers are the best options for awareness, diverse reach, and brand status while mid-tier, micro, and nano influencers are the best options for engagement and credibility. Ultimately, a combination of many tiers may be the best option for your campaign depending on your campaign objectives.

8. Realize not all social media platforms are the same.

Are you wondering how you can choose the best social media platforms for your Influencer Marketing campaigns? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. It can be a daunting, confusing task that can trip up even the best of marketers. Over the last few years, there has been a significant rise in social media users globally. According to Statista, a leading market and consumer data provider, 2021 has recorded 4.6 billion social media users worldwide and counting. This surge is no longer surprising as more and more people have integrated social media into their daily routines. Social media paved the way for not just connecting people, but for businesses to reach their audience. It also gave birth to a new trend in the world of business advertisement—Influencer Marketing. 

The onslaught of social media platforms combined with the constant shift of Influencer marketing strategies can make any marketing feel a bit confused. What social media platforms are best for your Influencer Marketing campaigns? Well, the final decision can either make or break a brand and Influencer Marketing campaign.

The social media platforms and the influencers play a vital role in the success of Influencer Marketing campaigns. However, no matter which social media platforms you choose to promote your brand, important factors such as platform audience, format, and pricing will play a role in maximizing your resources while achieving your return on investment (ROI).

9. Make sure the sponsored content is authentic.

You don’t just want boring, bland content as part of your Influencer Marketing campaign. Instead, you want content that is authentic, genuine, and honest. When strategizing your campaign plan, make sure the end result is engaging Influencer Marketing content. Brands have turned their focus from traditional promotion to online strategies as it gives 11x the return on investment (ROI) than typical advertising. However, consumers are increasingly becoming aware of the sponsored content they see online which poses a challenge for brands and influencers to keep followers interested. Innovation and creativity are the keys to making sure your brand’s campaign thrives against competitors.  

Influencer Marketing bridges the gap between traditional advertising and digital resources. As a brand, what you budget for Influencer Marketing is still considered an investment and should leverage your business one way or another. To ensure that your Influencer Marketing content is engaging, make sure to remember these tips:

  1. Create Strong Content
  2. SImplify Your Pitch
  3. Make It Long-Term
  4. Provide Writing Angles
  5. Diversify Partnerships
  6. Boost Content
  7. Create Digital Events;
  8. Mix Platforms
  9. Encourage Creativity
  10. Include a Call-to-Action

When strategizing your campaign plan, make sure you include ways to make sure the end result is engaging Influencer Marketing content.

10. Partner with an Influencer Marketing agency.

Shameless plug … but get this: Influencer Marketing is an entirely different ball game as compared to traditional marketing. Without specialized knowledge and skills, a company will have a hard time surviving today’s ever-competitive corporate world. Instead of wasting one’s time and money on trial and error, it might be smarter to let the experts strategize, oversee, and manage Influencer Marketing campaigns … and we’re not just saying this because we’re an Influencer Marketing agency.

Working directly with influencers can be tough for some brands, especially when considering all that goes into Influencer Marketing. If you’re seeing beautiful sponsored Instagram posts, just know that a lot went into the post to get it live and have it achieve a lot of engagement from followers. If you don’t have the time or skills to run an Influencer Marketing campaign, this post will provide a breakdown of why you should work with an Influencer Marketing agency. 

In today’s turbulent and unpredictable marketing world, an Influencer Marketing agency is not just something that is nice to have. For most brands, they are already a necessity. If you think you need to get in touch with one right now, then you are probably right.

Wrap It All Up

With social media growing daily and social media platforms changing frequently, it’s important to be constantly evaluating your efforts and considering Influencer Marketing improvements to implement into your campaign strategy. Aligning your goals with the right strategy is the single greatest way to guarantee ROI on your campaign. Be sure to keep the following practices in mind:

  1. Figure out the goal of the campaign.
  2. Build a solid strategy.
  3. Find your right target market and audience.
  4. Focus on influencer relationships.
  5. Require influencers to share dynamic content.
  6. Synchronize with your influencers.
  7. Expand your thoughts on influencer tiers.
  8. Realize that not all social media platforms are the same.
  9. Make sure the sponsored content is authentic.
  10. Partner with an Influencer Marketing agency.

The Influencer Marketing improvements will help you keep a finger on the pulse of your campaign and ensure that you meet and/or exceed goals and expectations.


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