Instagram features are one of the best ways to enhance your Influencer Marketing campaign. According to Hubspot, Instagram has over 1 billion active monthly users. These users collectively release 500 million stories a day. Engagement-wise, Instagram is indeed an ideal environment for digital marketers. With the right strategy and consistent efforts, any brand can stand out and make an impression on targeted markets.

Instagram offers a number of tools and features to help brands create a buzzworthy Influencer Marketing campaign. Here are 10 Instagram features that will surely make your campaigns stand out in an already crowded space.

2021 Instagram Features to Try for Your Brand’s Influencer Marketing Campaign

With so much sponsored content being featured on Instagram, how do you know what your brand needs to be doing to stand out and be a hit? Do you need a guide on what is hot and what is not on Instagram? We have prepared a breakdown of the latest trends that might work for your Influencer Marketing campaigns.

1.) Showcase Your Brand Via Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels is a newly launched feature as of August 2020. The feature allows users to create 15-second videos with audio and AR effects through new creative features like Timer, Countdown, Align, and Speed. Influencer MarketingHub considers this feature TikTok’s dupe and direct competitor. While it is not yet as big as TikTok, Instagram Reels are undeniably making a positive impression on many. 


2.) Make Purchases Streamlined With In-App Shopping

Modern consumers love streamlined deals and processes. If you can compress your purchase process within a few taps, the happier customers will be which might result in more sales. To help you with this endeavor, take advantage of Instagram’s in-app purchasing feature.

Instagram’s in-app purchasing, also dubbed as the “checkout” feature, allows consumers to buy products without leaving the app or opening stores’ e-commerce websites. This trend is a great business strategy because it makes purchasing more seamless and effortless. Consumers love it when buying stuff online becomes more convenient than it already is. More so, Instagram’s in-app purchasing blends so well with its main explore features. It replicates physical shopping to some extent, but buyers do not have to leave their homes.

3.) Conquer the Explore Tab

If you plan to expand your market and sell to new consumers, your best bet is to use the Explore tab. More often than not, Instagram users spend most of their time in the Explore tab. After all, it is the perfect place to discover new items and personalities aligned to one’s interests. 

4.) Impress the Crowd with AR

Just like Snapchat, Instagram is also big on augmented reality (AR) filters. These filters are fun and quirky. Since the filters are easy to use and simple to share, they hold a good potential for engagement. Some brands customize filters as a part of their innovative marketing scheme.

Kylie Jenner made a big hit with her brand, Kylie Cosmetics, when she developed an AR filter that showed her lip kits’ swatches. Another unforgettable AR moment was Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse ear filter. On its release, almost everyone on the Internet snagged a selfie or two.

5.) Stand Up for a Social Cause

Instagram’s Social Cause feature is a recent addition and the platform’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Through this feature, a brand may encourage its followers to support a campaign that may or may not pertain to its business. Although brands may not earn directly in this activity, they can establish a stronger customer base. Launching a fundraiser for a good cause is an effective publicity stunt. And, let’s face it, standing up for a social cause is a great way to start a feel good movement.


6.) Expand Through a Cross-Platform Strategy

In digital marketing, a brand is engaged in a cross-platform strategy if it utilizes different platforms to market its products and services. It is a common trend, but many fail to grasp its essence. A cross-platform strategy is not an excuse to post the exact content across multiple social media platforms. This move may create an impression that the brand lacks creativity and ingenuity.

The smarter way to go about cross-platform strategies is to adjust the content according to the platform in which it will be posted. For Instagram, brands should be mindful of hashtags and image formats. Also, content transferred to Instagram should appear sleeker and more elevated. 

7.) Do Not Underestimate the Power of SEO

Due to Instagram’s implementation of the keyword search feature in 2020, SEO plays a larger role in brand discovery. Other than hashtags, brands should be strategic with what they post in captions. With the recent change, the search bar will also show relevant results that may not match the searched keywords.

8.) Share Live Videos

Instagram Live is still a huge feature because it is one of the most direct ways users can participate with their favorite influencers. Instagram Live replicates a face-to-face interaction in which influencers and followers meet at a more casual level. Thanks to this feature, it is easier for influencers to recommend products and services.

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, people were stuck at home with an increased need for social interactions. Besides being a special marketing strategy, Instagram Live can also become a stress-reliever that may boost customer satisfaction in the long run.

Together at Home + the World Health Organization created one of the first Virtual Music Festivals during this pandemic. The event involved a variety of well-known, featured artists to join in on the cause to stay home. Who doesn’t enjoy a music-inspired virtual marketing campaign?

9.) Tell Them About Your Instagram Stories

Digital marketing does not always have to be impressively produced. Sometimes, less is more. Instagram Stories is a perfect example. Since a story is merely a picture or a 15-second video clip and only features users’ content in a short amount of time, people and brands alike choose to share candid but eye-grabbing posts.

Another important aspect of Instagram Stories are the engagement tools. Users may use polls and emoji sliders to approximate a market’s reaction and preferences. Do not forget about the “Swipe Up” feature as well. With the ability to incorporate links in stories, brands can promote and sell more subtly.

10.) Make Sure Content is Still King

Trends may come and go, but Instagram posts are still the most important aspect of Instagram in terms of Influencer Marketing. However, since consumers are becoming more critical, influencers are pressured to post higher quality content. By higher quality, people do not mean sharper resolution or bigger productions. Nowadays, the more “authentic” a post feels, the better. The public seems to connect more with a product or service when an influencer becomes vulnerable. Sharing about past experiences or insecurities creates a unique spark with the audience. Tapping into common experiences can be extremely magnetizing. After all, it is an organic way of expressing relatability and unity. 

Wrap It All Up

Instagram is a customizable platform. Although some tips and tricks can help boost your brand, the most crucial rule is authenticity. Your brand has things only it can offer. Highlight your strengths and connect to people—and work with influencers— who care about your products and services. In return, repay them with the customer service that they deserve. In a nutshell, you can never go wrong with any of these Instagram features to boost your campaign:

  • Showcase Your Brand Via Instagram Reels
  • Make Purchases Streamlined With In-App Shopping
  • Conquer the Explore Tab
  • Impress the Crowd with AR
  • Stand Up for a Social Cause
  • Expand Through a Cross-Platform Strategy
  • Do not underestimate the power of SEO
  • Share Live Videos
  • Tell Them About Your Instagram Stories
  • Make Sure Content Is King

What’s your favorite Instagram feature?


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